Tiny Pilea Original Oil Painting - 3x3 Original Oil Painting

$ 15.00

Meet Pete. Pete's a real page turner. He loves to read books, especially the kind you can snuggle up with and read together and enjoy a good cup of tea. His favorite tea is Earl Grey with a spot of cream.

This tiny 3x3 oil painting features a cute pilea houseplant in an orange flower pot sitting on table. The scene has been continued on the sides of this mini plant painting and it comes with a small easel for display. This small painting is ready for your a shelf or table.

This painting is perfect for the plant and nature lover, gardener, or someone who wants a little piece of nature in their office, bedroom, or living room.

Original Oil Painting

Please note that color calibration varies from monitor to monitor and that the colors on the painting you receive may be a little different than what's pictured on the screen. Please be assured that the colors are bright and the painting looks better in real life than on the screen.

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