Saguaro Cactus Desert Landscape Acrylic Painting - 3x3 Tiny Art

$ 15.00

This tiny original oil painting features the gorgeous Tucson, Arizona desert landscape. This scene was on the side of the road in Tucson. I love the stately saguaro cacti and the wild, rugged landscape.

This painting comes with a tiny wooden easel for easy display on a shelf or desk. The edges are painted black and is signed on the side.

This small painting is one of my paintings from this years The 100 Day Project. The 100 Day Project is a daily challenge where you create something (anything!) every day for 100 days. This year I painted 100 tiny 3x3 images on canvas.

This painting is 85/100 from my #the100dayproject

85/100 - Saguaro Landscape
3"x3" Acrylic on canvas

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