Mini Coffee Cup Love - 4x4 Original Oil Painting

$ 25.00

This is super cute and small 4x4 oil painting of two red coffee cups next to each other. Their steam is intermingling and forming the shape of a heart. This painting comes with a small easel and is completely ready for your a shelf or table. The coffee cups design has been continued on the sides of this mini painting. It's completely ready to display on a desk or shelf.

This painting is perfect for the coffee lover or someone who wants a little jolt of caffeine to help them get through the day with out the jitters from the real thing.

Mini Coffee Cup Love (With Easel)
Original Oil Painting


Please note that color calibration varies from monitor to monitor and that the colors on the painting you receive may be a little different than what's pictured on the screen. Please be assured that the colors are bright and the painting looks better in real life than on the screen.

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